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Journal Port Science Research is a leading Diamond Open Access (DOA) scientific journal published by The University of Uruk, Iraq, in cooperation with Bryant University, USA and supported The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Launched in the year 2018 as the official University of Uruk journal. The journal covers the topics include but are not limited. The journal adopted a policy of publishing four types of science every four months. The first issue is concerned with medical specialties, the second issue is with engineering specialties, the third issue is with law sciences, and the fourth issue is with economics. The journal has its own managing EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, for each of these sciences, the journal has also appointed editors with high-level academic degrees to look into these different disciplines. A partnership has been adopted with the Publons institution, to extend highly qualified peer review evaluators, and the journal counts with a wide pool of prestigious reviewers selected based on searching in PubMed in accordance with articles closely related to submitted manuscript awaiting evaluation. It is expected that the manuscripts advanced will be processed and proofread within three months. Journal have an open access diamond publishing policy. Diamond Open Access (DOA) Publishing is a not-for-profit publishing practice, the journal is fully funded by Uruk University, Baghdad, Iraq and is available "free to publish and free to read". The manuscripts submitted to the journal are also subject to a linguistic and grammatical review and adopt the academic plagiarism detector system.


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Aims & Scope is an exciting new multidisciplinary, open access journal deals with natural sciences, Social & Humanities Sciences .it's a home for open scholarship from across social science, economics and humanities disciplines. The journal offers rigorous peer review and fast publication.

Our scope is inclusive: encourage multi- and inter-disciplinary work as well as new and experimental forms of research, replication studies, review studies and negative findings. All submissions will be evaluated based on their academic and methodological validity and robustness of research. As an open access journal, all articles will be immediately and permanently available for authors and readers to read, download, cite

Manuscript that submitted to Journal Port Science Research will initially be checked for plagiarism, then a structured format of this manuscript is published with DOI. Editor in charge will conduct an ethical and open peer-review process and comments received will be published along with editor’s decision on the manuscript. After acceptance from editor, the article is sent for copy editing and soon published in featured enhanced formats (PDF, Video, Full text, Image, Audio), thereafter promoting the research in different Scientific Networking web platforms and further Indexing and archiving it in reputed databases.

Journal Port Science Research

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Publons was founded by Andrew Preston and Daniel Johnston in 2012 to address the static state of peer-reviewing practices in scholarly communication, with a view to encourage collaboration and speed up scientific development The Publons name is an homage to the "publon", the "minimum unit of publishable material". Publons was acquired in 2017 by Clarivate Analytics — the global leader in trusted insights and analytics that accelerate the pace of innovation. Publons recoups it's costs by partnering with academic publishers. These partnerships allow reviews performed for cooperating journals to be automatically added to Publons profiles.


Journal Port Science Research

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Journal headquarters information publisher's name Journal Port Science Research address of the publisher was changed from Iraq to the USA in 2019. the new publisher's address 1119 S WACO STUNIT H / AURORA / Colorado, 80017 / USA. indicate the ISSN: 2616-6232 as reference.

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