Design and implementation of irrigation prototype system based GSM



  • Muhammad Fahim. Obead uruk
  • Ihsan Ahmed Taha
  • Ahmed Hussein Salaman

Smart farming is one of the keys for future agriculture because it is a management to use modern technology for increasing the quality and quantity of the agriculture. And because of the planet quality depend on the amount of water and the characteristics of soil, it is necessary to study the soil using the soil moisture sensor to investigate whether the soil is dry or wet, also to consider the challenges that could be faced in agricultural environment by maintain the soil and the planets irrigated without extra usage of water. In this paper, a prototype irrigation system uses Arduino Uno microcontroller which is programmed in C++ language to sense the degree of moisture by using soil moisture sensor. According to moisture sensor readings, when the moisture sensor above 1000, Arduino triggers to supply the water by using 5V mini water pump and stop when the soil moisture sensor reading reaches below 400. GSM technology enables the user to be notified in any changes happening in agricultural area by sending SMS (Short Message Service). Whenever the soil become wet or dry and the mini water pump switched on or off, a message delivered to user’s cellular phone indicating the condition of the soil and the action of water pump. In that capacity, this prototype will reduce the time for the user by monitoring remotely without going to his land, and also to reduce the usage of water by allow the water pump to flow the water for limited time until the moisture degree raise again.


Smart farming, Agriculture, Arduino, , moisture sensor, GSM

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