Journal Port Science Research 2024-06-11T21:59:36+03:00 Journal Port Science Research Open Journal Systems <p>journal published by The University of Uruk, Iraq, in cooperation with Bryant University, USA and supported The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Launched in the year 2018 as the official University of Uruk journal. The journal covers the topics include but are not limited. The journal adopted a policy of publishing four types of science every four months. The first issue is concerned with APPLIED MEDICAL SCIENCE specialties, the second issue is with TRANSACTION ON ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY AND THEIR APPLICATIONS specialties, the third issue is with LAW SCIENCES, and the fourth issue is with MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS SCIENCES. Journal has own managing EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, for each of these sciences.</p> <p>A partnership has been adopted with the Publons institution, to extend highly qualified peer review evaluators, and the journal counts with a wide pool of prestigious reviewers selected based on accordance with articles closely related to submitted manuscript awaiting evaluation. It is expected that the manuscripts advanced will be processed and proofread within three months. Journal have an Open Access (DOA) Publishing is a not-for-profit publishing practice, the journal is fully funded by Uruk University, Baghdad, Iraq and is available "free to publish and free to read". The manuscripts submitted to the journal are also subject to a linguistic and grammatical review and adopt the academic plagiarism detector system.</p> Unusual Neighboring Nuisances and Their Legal Adaptation 2024-06-10T22:38:45+03:00 Ibrahim Saleh Atiyah wa@wc.asd <p>Assistant Professor of Civil Law / Faculty of Law, Uruk University It has been said that (your near neighbor is better than your distant brother). This saying must mean deepening ties, good habits, distinguished behavior, and rejecting differences, relying in this on our Holy Book, the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him), and the sayings of jurists, except for the development of machinery, differences of ideas, and conflicts of interests. The difference in the standard of living, and the difference in religious commitment, all of this has led to the judiciary being occupied with countless lawsuits that increase as civilization develops, neighbors become closer, and originality disappears, and these lawsuits decrease as values are established and principles are mobilized... These harms must be clarified and their effects reduced in order to create A cohesive society that pays attention to noble values and good customs.</p> 2024-06-10T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research The Application of Dietary Wheat/Barley Alternative with Addition Cress Seeds Powder to Albino Rats 2024-05-03T22:09:35+03:00 N. M. Abdulrahman A. J. Hussein aw@wc.dg Zna Mohemmed aw@wc.dg Iman Mahmmud aw@wc.dg Sonya Salih aw@wc.dg H. A. Salih aw@wc.dg H. N. Mohammed aw@wc.dg <p>The objective of this study was to change the normal diet of adult rats for nearly 21 days, the blood sample taken for comparison of changes in some blood parameters. The rats were kept in the metabolic cages separately and their body weight, consumption of food and water, urine volume, the levels of serum glucose, insulin and C-peptide quantities in all animals are measured and then these quantities are compared. No significant differences observed in RBC 1012/L and MCHC g/dL. The high level of carbohydrates sources in rat diets in term of wheat and barley increased significantly each of HGB g/dL and HCT percent. The liver function tests studied were differ within the different groups as the control was higher significantly in S. Globulin. The ALT was higher significantly in each of control, 4th and 5th groups. AST was higher also in 4th and 5th groups. The CRP was higher in 5th group. No significant differences observed in each of Total Protein and Albumin.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Guarantees of Justice in the Field of Family Ties in the Code of Hammurabi 2024-06-08T16:16:27+03:00 Hassan Nema Karim <p>The subject of the study deals with guarantees of justice in the field of family ties in the Code of Hammurabi. This research falls into two sections. The first section touched on the legal guarantees for women during the marital relationship in the Code of Hammurabi, explaining the role of the marriage contract in guaranteeing women’s rights in the Code of Hammurabi. The legal guarantees for women in the event of polygamy in the Code of Hammurabi were noted, and the guarantees established to protect women’s rights in the field of legal actions. In the second section, the researcher touched on the guarantees of women’s rights upon the termination of the marital bond in the Code of Hammurabi. The guarantees stipulated in old Iraqi laws related to protecting the rights of family members and guarantees of women’s rights to inheritance were discussed.&nbsp; The study concluded that the Code of Hammurabi came with legal texts to guarantee women’s rights and regulate family and familial relations, and that his law was superior in its justice to many of the legislation that preceded it, through what it included rules and provisions regulating the affairs of women as they are the weak party in the marital relationship, so women gained a status. Distinctive in Babylonian society.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> 2024-06-08T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research A study of the concentration of uranium in soil samples was evaluated using the CR_39 detector in the south of Amara Governorate 2024-06-05T13:27:23+03:00 Hawraa J. Jasim Thaer M. Salman <p>The quantity of uranium in soil samples taken from various residential, industrial, and agricultural areas in southern Iraq's Southern Omara governorate was evaluated using the neutron activation technique for solid-state nuclear track detectors CR-39. Uranium values in soil samples varied from 0.77 ppm to 1.94 ppm, according to the findings. Soil samples were collected at a depth of 10 cm. The outcomes were compared to publicly available data and found to be within acceptable ranges.</p> 2024-06-05T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Degradation of phenol by Rhodococcus pyridinivorans GM3 immobilization 2024-06-03T13:30:59+03:00 Mahammed E J. Al-Defiery Gopal Reddy wa@wc.asd <p>One of the primary concerns of the environment is the increment of the xenobiotics levels, which are released in the natural ecosystem. Phenol has been documented as a pollutant because it has a significant role in water contamination; this will, therefore have an impact on the health of humans. Phenol degradation studies were carried out using a mineral salts medium containing various percentages (v/v) of Ca-alginate beads, polyurethane foam, agar-agar and agarose in batches of culture for 1.5 g/L phenol degradation by immobilized cells of Rhodococcus pyridinivorans GM3 during 24 hours of incubation at 32ºC, 200 rpm and pH 8.5. The results showed that a typical concentration of 3% (w/v) of the sodium alginate to form synthetic Ca-alginate beads was supporting phenol degradation which also emphasizes the structural stability of Ca-alginate beads. The concentration of 1.5 g/L phenol was completely degraded observed within 24 hours at 8% of the Ca-alginate beads immobilized cell and 10% of size cubes 0.125 cm3 of the polyurethane foam immobilized cell. Whilst, the degradation of 1.5 g/L of phenol concentration within 24 hours on both agar and agarose was 16% and 24% at cubes of size 0.125 cm3 and 1.0 cm3 respectively. However, the study of immobilization showed that Ca-alginate immobilized R. pyridinivorans GM3 was more efficient than polyurethane foam, agar and agarose.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2024-06-03T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Biotrophy and Its Biological Role Productivity, Physiological and Microbial Indicators of Broiler Chickens and Layng Hens 2024-06-01T19:07:34+03:00 Ahmed A. Al-Salhi Sabah Malik Al-Shatty Al-Shatty wa@wc.asd Qutiba J. Al-Khfaji wa@wc.asd <p>After the excessive use of antibiotics in poultry breeding projects, which were used to reduce or reduce pathogenic bacteria, and to achieve biosecurity, however, these attempts were negatively reflected in the emergence of bacterial species that possess the characteristic of resistance against some types of antibiotics, which made the World Health Organization prohibit the use of some types of these antibiotics in poultry farming, for fear of transmission to the consumer. This has preoccupied many researchers with conducting various studies on safe alternatives instead of using manufactured antibiotics, as efforts have intensified by supporting the intestinal flora with probiotics, which contain beneficial bacteria and some yeasts, to achieve microbial balance. We can summarize the results of previous studies in this article: the use of vital nutrition with different levels of beneficial bacteria and yeasts has an influential role in enhancing the natural intestinal flora of domestic birds, which effectively contributes to creating a microbial balance, as a result of competitive exclusion in obtaining attachment sites for receptors. The cells of the intestinal wall, and the excretion of large numbers of harmful bacteria outside the alimentary canal, thus improving the functioning of the alimentary canal, which is represented by an increase in the use of nutrients, and this is reflected in a significant improvement in the productive, physiological and microbial characteristics of broilers and laying hens.</p> 2024-06-01T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Employing (Artificial Intelligence) Techniques in the Aesthetic Construction of Cinematic Tricks in the Cinematic Film 2024-05-29T13:46:41+03:00 Aqeel Al Mousawi Al Mousawi <p>Cinema is a unique art based on innovation and scientific inventions in addition to the talent and genius of directors, and directors such as Edison, the inventor of the motion picture, the Le Maire brothers, the pioneers of the cinema projector, the Frenchman of genius imagination and visual creativity, Georges Mila and Gervath, the creator of magazines. Editing, photography, directing and innovations such as motion pictures, sound entry to the cinema, color film tape, wide lenses, 3D imaging, films that used scientific techniques, such as the Star Wars series of director Lucas, the Jurassic Park series of Spielberg films, and computer technologies developed by James Cameron are all They are considered as basic pillars of a world full of excitement and suspense called cinema, and cinema is still to this day making rapid and interesting transitions in the world of entertainment because it attracts the latest scientific innovations in the field of motion picture, and among the modern and important innovations, the use of artificial intelligence techniques in the manufacture of cinematic trick scenes Whether by making movie scenes backgrounds, digital characters, or controlling lighting and a camera, to be either a must Let's talk about movie workers or a key element to help movie workers.</p> 2024-05-29T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research The concentration of uranium in soil samples in the center region Omara Governorate was tested using the CR-39 detector 2024-05-21T12:29:10+03:00 Anaheed Ahmed Thaer M. Salman wa@wc.asd <p>The uranium content of soil samples taken from various residential, industrial, and agricultural sectors in southern Iraq's center Omara governorate was determined using the method of neutron activated technology for solid-state nuclear track detectors CR-39. . The results indicated that uranium contents in soil samples ranged between 0.65 and 6.42 ppm. Soil samples were gathered to a depth of 10 cm. When compared to publicly available data, the results were found to be within tolerable boundaries.</p> 2024-05-21T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Judicial Censorship of the Law's Constitutionality as a Guarantee the Enforcement of the Constitutional Rule 2024-06-11T21:59:36+03:00 Hassan Nema Karim <p><strong>Abstract</strong> The subject of the research is judicial oversight of the constitutionality of laws as a guarantee of the enforcement of the constitutional rule. We divided it into two sections. The first section dealt with the general framework of judicial oversight of the constitutionality of laws, the nature of judicial oversight, and the emergence of the idea of judicial oversight of the constitutionality of laws.&nbsp;&nbsp; In the second section, the methods and forms of organizing judicial oversight and its forms were discussed, and methods for initiating judicial oversight of the constitutionality of laws were explained, explaining the differences in state constitutions in introducing judicial oversight Some of them pursued oversight by means of the original law suit for annulment, and some of them took up the defense of unconstitutionality by means of Abstention oversight. The role of the Federal Supreme Court was noted as one of the applications of judicial oversight in Iraq.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The study concluded that establishing the foundations of a legal state based on the rule of law and preserving the rights and freedoms of individuals in it requires establishing guarantees to protect the principle of legality, uphold the constitution, and not deviate from its provisions in form and substance. To achieve this foundation, most countries with democratic systems have followed judicial oversight of the constitutionality of laws to the extent its effectiveness in ensuring respect and supremacy of the Constitution over other legal rules&nbsp;</p> 2024-06-11T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Effect of high level of androgen on Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) 2024-05-21T10:50:32+03:00 Baqer J. Hasan Sumaya L. M. Shams Al-Dean wa@wc.asd Zainab Fadhil Abbas wa@wc.asd <p>A multifactorial endocrine condition, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is typified by anovulation, hyperandrogenism, and polycystic ovarian shape. In the current study, a number of women with PCOS underwent testing to determine the impact of the androgen&nbsp; hormone on PCOS. Upon follow-up, it was discovered that the majority of the samples, ranging in age from (49), (28), (26), (40), (24), (15), (20), (17), and (25) all had androgen&nbsp; levels that were the same—less than 1.00 ng/ml. This suggests that the sample's and all ages' androgen&nbsp; levels are below the normal level, which is believed to be between 2 and 8 ng/ml. At age 24, the percentage of androgen&nbsp; was calculated to be 1.06 ng/ml, which is low in comparison to the normal level of androgen . The sample, which comprises people in the ages of (20) and (27), had estimated androgen&nbsp; percentages of 1.02 ng/ml and 1.49 ng/ml, respectively. We note some minor variations in the analytical comparison between the samples, but despite this The proportion in this sample is nevertheless less than its true level, which is probably to be between (2-8), Since every member of the sample has polycystic ovarian disease, there is a specific malfunction in the way this sample's body operates, necessitating the development of solutions and early identification. about the illness using a variety of analyses to prevent contracting other fatal illnesses.</p> 2024-05-21T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Using Mathematical Techniques to Analyse Biomedical Data: A K-complexes EEG Signal Classification Study 2024-06-11T21:49:09+03:00 Hanan Al-Hadeethi Ikhlas Al-Hadeethi wa@wc.asd <p>This paper endeavored to characterize the design, elaboration, and investigation of the execution of the K-complexes classification method in Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals. To solve many-aims optimization issues for the high dimensionality of every database, a mechanism for feature extraction that depends on merging the Discrete Fourier Transform (Discrete-FT) with Covariance Matrix (Cov-matrix) has been suggested. An EEG signal was split into comparatively little intervals and segments as the first step of the model design. For every EEG segment, Discrete-FT was applied. The Cov-matrix were employed to figure out the most efficient input features to represent the EEG signal. As the input to diverse classifiers, for instance, K-means and the Naïve Bayes algorithm, the extracted features were used. The suggested procedure equips a high rate of accuracy, ~94% when the outcomes were compared with current studies. In conclusion, results exhibited that the submitted process can evolve the classification of K-complexes in EEG signals. Compared with other methods, the proposed method supplied the best outcomes. Furthermore, the presented method can have functional applications to assist physicians in classifying transient events in sleep stages more precisely than the current methods. The new procedure can be utilized for several medical data species, such as restless legs syndrome, epilepsy, Focal and Non-Focal, etc.</p> 2024-06-11T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Assessment the Role of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and C-Reactive Protein Tests For Prediction Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Activity In Misan Province 2024-05-12T12:25:31+03:00 Nader A. Salman <p>Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) activity was assessed based on erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and C-reactive protein (CRP) tests. The ESR and CRP tests were monitored in 25 Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosed&nbsp; patients and 25 healthy approved cases of suspected patients from Missan Province. The sample comprised of 25 male and 25 females with&nbsp;&nbsp; ages varied from 21-68 years and body weights from 45 – 112 kg.&nbsp; ESR readings in RA diagnosed patients varied between 22 – 116 averaged 46.8 mm/h in&nbsp; patients case while those recorded in the healthy approvrd cases ranged between 4-18 averaged 8.4 mm/h. Differences between patients and control cases were statistically significant (P &lt; 0.05). This approved that measuring ESR&nbsp; is a valid tool to predict RA among Missan population. CRP test showed only 2 negative results among RA patients compared with 15 negative results in&nbsp; healthy approved cases. CRP values in patients sample ranged between 10 mg/dl in 11 cases and 24 – 48 mg/dl in another 11 cases with only one highly extreme value of 96 mg/dl. In he healthy approved cases, CRP values ranging from 6-12 mg/dl were recorded in 10 cases and negative results in the rest 15 cases. differences were highly significant (p&lt; 0.01) indicating the validity of CRP test to predict RA cases. Both parameters varied among various age groups, gender and body weight classes. Apparantly both ESR and CRP tests may help to find or monitor inflammation in acute or chronic conditions of rheumatoid arthritis.</p> 2024-05-12T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Civil Liability Arising From Breach of Letters of Intent 2024-06-10T22:26:48+03:00 Ali Hussein Dweuh <p>Letters of intent represent the personal guarantees that result in the commitment of the pre-contractual stage, which is one of the important stages in the life of the contract and is no less important than the stage of concluding the contract, as well as the stage of implementation of the contract, the basis of which is the pre-contractual stage, which depends mainly on the intention of the contracting parties, therefore Intention should not be confused with will; Their promise is of an objective nature, but the reality proves that the intention has a purely subjective nature, so it is of a personal nature that does not need to be shown. It is a desire to obtain a specific thing, which is supposed to belong to a person. Therefore, letters of intent are considered means intended to reach an end. Specific, which is the legal process that the contracting parties intend to access.</p> 2024-06-10T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Psychological Impact Processing in Television Advertising 2024-06-05T13:40:21+03:00 Saleh Ali Al-Sahan wa@wc.asd <p>The television advertising industry is one of the critical audio-visual endeavors that require brevity, condensation, and reduction, which affect the idea, image, and sound. It necessitates accuracy, coordination, and organization in selecting the idea first and then the treatment that relies on the directing style. This begins with the choices of shot size, duration, and movement, in harmony with the story or theme of the advertisement, with an expressive ability that appeals to the audience's taste, promotes effectively, and publicizes. Additionally, the director's choices of significant and impactful filming locations, skilled performers, precise editing aware of time, transitions, rhythm, and the composition of the work are essential. An advertisement maker must consider the time frame within which the advertisement breathes and identify the level of impact this frame leaves on the audience. They must employ techniques to manage the psychological impact that mimics the senses, feelings, perceptions, and reactions along with the dramatic time and the understanding of the nuances of real-time. The prevailing psychological state in the advertising script significantly influences the form and content used by the director in creating the advertisement, ensuring the desired effect on the audience, and capturing their strong inclinations and desires to acquire the advertised product or material.</p> 2024-06-05T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research The Role of Strategic Quality Management in Achieving Organizational Excellence: A Survey Study of the Opinions of Faculty Members at the College of Administrative Technology/Mosul 2024-06-05T13:14:59+03:00 Suzan M. M. Al Rahaei Zaid K. Ibrahim wa@wc.asd Omar A. Ismael wa@wc.asd <p>This study aims to explore the role of strategic quality in achieving organizational excellence. Through an examination of strategic quality with its dimensions encompassing collaborative management, employee empowerment, incentives and rewards, and job satisfaction, the study seeks to elucidate the impact of these dimensions on organizational excellence. Stemming from the primary problem of assessing the contribution and role of strategic quality dimensions in achieving organizational excellence, the scope of the study includes faculty members at the College of Administrative Technology, serving as the research sample. The researchers employed a questionnaire to assess the extent of the role's impact and comprehend its presence. Consequently, the study arrived at a set of conclusions summarizing the significance of strategic quality in attaining organizational excellence. The in-depth analysis of the dimensions of strategic quality reveals their substantial role in achieving organizational excellence. This conclusion underscores the importance of understanding and enhancing strategic quality dimensions as fundamental drivers for performance improvement and excellence within the organizational context. The researchers advocate the imperative activation and development of these dimensions as an effective strategy to enhance performance and achieve distinction in the organizational environment of the researched college.</p> 2024-06-05T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research K-Mean Based Hyper-Metaheuristic Grey Wolf and Cuckoo Search Optimizers for Automatic MRI Medical Image Clustering 2024-06-03T12:00:49+03:00 Waleed A. Mahmoud Al-Jawher Shaimaa A. Shaaban wa@wc.asd <p>In this paper a new clustering algorithm is proposed for optimal clustering of MRI medical image. In our proposed algorithm, the clustering process implemented by K-means clustering algorithm, due to its simplicity and speed. The optimization process was done by a well-known metaheuristic algorithms Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) and Cuckoo Search Optimizer.&nbsp; GWO is a metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the social hierarchy and hunting behavior of grey wolves. It mimics the leadership hierarchy and hunting strategies of wolves to explore the search space efficiently. GWO has shown promising performance in finding high-quality solutions compared to other well-established optimizers. It explores the solution space to find better cluster assignments that minimize the overall intra-cluster variance. By leveraging the exploration potential of GWO, the proposed algorithm aims to improve the quality of the clustering results. Furthermore, the Cuckoo Search Optimizer (CS) is combined with GWO to enhance the algorithm's ability to find a global solution. Cuckoo Search is a metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the breeding behavior of cuckoo birds. It employs random search and Levy flights to diversify the search process and avoid getting trapped in local optima. By combining CS with GWO, the proposed algorithm aims to increase the likelihood of finding the optimal clustering solution.</p> 2024-06-03T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research The Constant and the Variable in Arabic Calligraphy within Contemporary Arabic Lettering Composition 2024-06-01T18:17:21+03:00 Tariq Habib Saeed wa@wc.asd <p>The present study examines the consistency and variability of Arabic script in the development of modern Arabic script, as well as the Arabic script's significant role in our daily lives as a visual language of communication between ancient and modern human communities. As a result, it became essential to describe its current applications in terms of both language and art, as well as its constants and variables. The Qur'an, letters, flags, certificates, and other writings were written in Arabic calligraphy by calligraphers who followed in the footsteps of the great calligraphers who established the principles and conventions for many calligraphic styles after the Islamic era. It is also used to cover the exterior of shrines and mosques. works of religion, mosques and Islamic building designs. Arab letter artists underwent a shift and evolution in their usage of the Arabic letter in their creative paintings following the shift to the current era. The letter's shape was distorted and it was drawn in various configurations and shapes since they drew it outside of its original context and guidelines</p> 2024-06-01T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research The impact of leadership strategies in enhancing product creativity: an exploratory study in the General Company for the Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies/Samarra 2024-05-24T00:31:25+03:00 Akram A. Altaweel Fatimah B. Fadhil Ahmed A. Ahmad <p>The current research aims to determine the correlation and influence between entrepreneurial strategies and enhancing product innovation in the General Company for the Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies in Samarra. Entrepreneurship strategies are among the important strategies for any organization and have a prominent role in reaching the goals that the organization seeks to achieve,Among them is the goal of enhancing product creativity. Due to the limited studies that included the influential relationship between these variables in general and in the Iraqi environment in particular, the researchers sought to include in their current study these dimensions and their variables within a comprehensive framework in an attempt to study the relationship and influence between them. In general, this study attempts to answer the following question: What is the nature of the correlations and influence between entrepreneurial strategies and enhancing product creativity in the General Company for the Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies in Samarra?To answer this question, a hypothetical chart was prepared that reflects the relationships of correlation and influence between the research variables. Specific hypotheses were formulated that were tested and verified. The descriptive and analytical approaches were used to complete the research, in addition to adopting a questionnaire form according to a five-point Likert scale as a main tool for collecting data and related informationSearch</p> 2024-05-24T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research Correlation of D-dimer with the Severity of COVID-19 in a Sample of Iraqi Patients in Diyala Governorate 2024-05-21T11:51:41+03:00 Essam Fadel Al-Jumaili Ayoub Ahmed Zaeel wa@wc.asd <p>The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that results in acute respiratory infection or the so-called novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).&nbsp; At the end of 2019, the Corona virus spread rapidly in almost all countries, which led to the imposition of measures of complete distancing and social distancing. Activation of intravascular coagulation is a common feature of disseminated intravascular coagulation in patients with covid-19. To find out if there is a clot inside the blood vessels (DIC) or if there is a clot inside the lung (pulmonary embolism) of the affected person, this is done by detect level of (D-dimer) in the serum of patients.&nbsp; This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between D-dimer and disease severity in Iraqi patients infected with (SARS -CoV-2) . Samples were collected from Baladruze General Hospital / Diyala and the confirmed epidemiological&nbsp; hall (Al-Shaheed&nbsp; Mortada). The total number of the sample is (100) samples, 50 of which are from people in critical condition in quarantine halls and 50 samples are from healthy people not infected with covid-19 to determine the level of D-dimer. The results of the statistical analysis showed a significant difference in the level of (D-dimer) between infected and non-infected peoples, that the mean D-dimer was 3,0977 ± 2,81828 in the infected peoples, and mean D-dimer among non- infected people, 0.2560 ± 0.13611 with high significant (p &lt; 0.0001). It was concluded that there is a relationship between (D-dimer) and disease severity, and it can be used as an indicator of disease progression, taking into account some cases in which the D-dimer level is elevated.</p> 2024-05-21T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research The Role of Strategic Monitoring In Achieving Competitive Superiority " An Analytical Study of The Opinions of A Sample of Working in The Iraqi Insurance Company" 2024-06-11T21:53:58+03:00 Ali Mudher Abdul Mahdi <p>This This research attempts to diagnose the nature of the role that strategic monitoring contributes to the competitive superiority of the Iraqi insurance company, as strategic monitoring represents an important resource in the company and the main driver of other resources, so it is necessary to strengthen the special competencies of strategic monitoring to achieve competitive superiority that ensures the survival and continuity of the company in operation, as The research problem indicated that there is a clear lack of attention to the two research variables in the researched company, so the importance of the research emerges in the researcher’s attempt to provide solutions to address this problem, and to achieve the research objectives, so the researcher adopted the descriptive analytical approach in its applied aspect, as the questionnaire was used in collecting data. Which was distributed to a sample of (70) employees of the surveyed company, which was adapted to suit the purposes of the current research, and after processing and interpreting the results of the data analysis that was carried out using a number of statistical tools found in the ready-made program (SPSS V.28), the validity of the main and subsidiary hypotheses that were confirmed was confirmed. Included in the research, which emphasized the importance of the moral role that strategic monitoring contributes to achieving competitive superiority, and therefore it is necessary to activate the dimensions of strategic monitoring and invest in them in the best possible way to achieve competitive superiority for the Iraqi insurance company in light of the highly competitive environment in which it operates.</p> 2024-06-11T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research The Role of Spin – Orbit Coupling in the Spin Transport FM-(G/C)N-FM 2024-05-13T13:44:40+03:00 Mohannad M. Merzoq wa@wc.asd Jenan M. Al-Mukh wa@wc.asd <p>The spin transport&nbsp; through&nbsp; DNA system formed by a guanine-cytosine is studied extendedly in our work. Hence, theoretical treatment is accomplished&nbsp; for one magnetized active region (includes base pairs and backbone) coupled to ferromagnetic leads in parallel configuration case, throughout magnetic quantum contacts (FM-(G/C)N-FM). Our treatment is&nbsp; based on the tight binding model to derive obvious formula for the spin dependent transmission spectrum which is employed to investigate the spin transport through DNA junction. Our calculations are accomplished in the&nbsp; presence of spin-orbit coupling for strong, weak and "without backbone" regimes. The role the system spin dependent factors of the transport of (G/C)N molecule are investigated in our study. These factors include the molecular length, as well as externally applied bias voltage. Variation of these factors can&nbsp; enhance or suppress spin transport through (G/C)N molecule (with N=10,15,20,25. The transmission spectrum results confirm that the spin transport throughout (G/C)N is originated by a coherent tunneling process between neighboring bases through the overlapping of the LUMO orbitals of the bases. The physical mechanism is raise from quantum interference combination&nbsp; with molecular length and&nbsp; the presence of spin-orbit coupling. The best functional feature for environmental effect, which may induce dephasing such as leads temperature, is investigated. The results showed that the spin-polarized transport can be effectively regulated by the molecular length of (G/C) which can exhibit efficient spin filtering and spin switching</p> 2024-05-13T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Port Science Research