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The manuscripts submitted to the journal are also subject to a linguistic and grammatical review and adopt the academic plagiarism detector system.</p> en-US (Journal Port Science Research) (Thamer Ata Jabbar Oboodi) Fri, 10 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0300 OJS 60 Determine the optimal location for the industrial facility <p>In the economies of countries, regardless of their political systems, industry is a major axis in<br>their economic growth paths. These requirements are closely related to the technical and technical aspect<br>of the production process, as they are also related to the spatial space in which this industry is held, in<br>particular the choice of the site for its production activity. As this choice has an impact on the cost of the<br>product, especially the costs of transferring inputs and outputs of the production process, otherwise, the<br>improper choice leads to higher unit cost of the product for the consumer and affect the volume of<br>production and consumption together, and the consequent economic effects with social implications on<br>Individual and society. In this research, the optimal location of the industrial facility was determined when<br>we have two sources of raw materials between them and the market and according to the Walter Izerd<br>hypothesis using the CAD program to represent the graphs necessary to determine the optimal location of<br>the industrial facility. This topic was addressed to its consequent life because the selection of the appropriate<br>site for industrial ransom must be appropriate in terms of economic feasibility, as well as these sites must<br>take into account their side effects on environmental pollution and develop appropriate solutions and how<br>to get rid of these pollutants Production processes.</p> H. K. Kazem Copyright (c) 2021 Journal Port Science Research Thu, 12 May 2022 00:00:00 +0300 The financial and cash stability and its role in financial sustainability in Iraq <p>In Iraq and during the last three years, it has appeared and develop of general budget deficit<br>and increasing of general debt, accordingly most of the specialists in the financial and cash policies to study<br>the effect of the general debt in financial sustainability and evaluate the country ability to pursue the general<br>expense trend and fulfill its financial obligations for their importance and effectiveness to design and<br>implement and validity of the total economic policy and considered them the key standard to assess the<br>economic strength and the extent of its ability to assimilate the internal and external economic shocks,<br>related with deficit of general budget and the state assessment to achieve the financial sustainability<br>considered of structural nature, and its seriousness appeared in Iraq, when its oil exports, the main source to<br>finance the budget ,subjected to sharp decline in prices under non-existence of diversity of incomes, the<br>matter led to fluctuation of its general incomes and practicing surprised pressure on its general expenses,<br>due to this, analyzing the sound of the financial procedures and judgment on the quality of financial decision<br>and policies has become of great necessary, The research focuses on knowing the rate of financial resources<br>contribution( non-oil) to finance the budget and it has become clear the contribution of non- oil resources<br>weakness amount (4%) and the tax rate (1%) for the period from 2005-2015 considered very low rate<br>because of the backwardness of the agricultural and industrial sectors and tax decrease resulted from<br>administrative and financial corruption and tax evasion and weakness of tax content besides weakness of<br>tax system, thus the research has recommended the necessity to reform tax system and economic reform..</p> B. J. farisKhalif, A. Abedalzzeiz Copyright (c) 2021 Journal Port Science Research Thu, 12 May 2022 00:00:00 +0300 Factors affecting employees’ salaries in Omani public sector <p>The study examines the effect of employees’ performance appraisal, gender, age and position<br>on salaries and extra amounts received by the employees during period of 2011–2017 based on the selected<br>sample from Ministry of Social Developments in Oman. To achieve the study’s objectives, the study<br>examines the relationship among the mentioned variables using analyses of descriptive statistics, correlation<br>analysis and multiple regressions. The study finds that performance appraisal has positive and significant<br>effect on salary and extra. In presence of employees’ gender, age and position, this effect will be negative<br>and significant for employees’ salaries and negative and insignificant for extra amounts. As a starting point<br>for future research, the study adds new empirical evidence to the research body on how to enhance the<br>performance of employees based on the annual appraisal with their salaries in the public sector.</p> Dhiaa Shamki Copyright (c) 2021 Journal Port Science Research Fri, 20 May 2022 00:00:00 +0300