Precise voltage control, power sharing for DC-bus with hybrid energy storage and (Neuro-Fuzzy) controller based MPPT for Hybrid Renewable Energy



  • Fadhil Abbas Mahdi Al-Qrimli uruk

The main objective of this work is to design and simulation of the stand-alone Hybrid Renewable Energy system (HRES), separated from the main local network, the effect of super capacitors when connected to the system, and the effect of power source control system on the response and work of super capacitors. It consists of Photovoltaic, Wind turbine, Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS). The HESS system consist of Batteries, Supper capacitors, with chargers. The proposed system used real record of weather pattern and load conditions for Al-Mahmoudiya Hospital. The variable sources are changing with different weather conditions. Being important energy sources for generating electricity directly from the sun. In order to generate electrical energy that is sustainable and reliable, highly efficient, low cost, and continuous. It can provide maximum power use. The absence of winds in most regions of Iraq permanently led to the use of such a type of renewable energy (RE) system called solar updraft tower (SUT). The wind turbine can be fixed inside the chimney of the SUT, to make the turbine run smoothly and continuously. Each of the HRES parts is controlled by a converter specific to each source due to the nature of the nonlinear source work. In this paper, the main sources of energy are photovoltaic panels and SUT. Finally, MATLAB program using real recorded data, the system work at a high efficiency of 98%. So the simulation results show the HRES system have excellent results and fast tracking to supply the load demand.


Renewable energy, , solar updraft tower, DFIG, PI controller, , vector controller, MATLAB/Simulink

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Mahdi Al-Qrimli , F. A. . (2021). Precise voltage control, power sharing for DC-bus with hybrid energy storage and (Neuro-Fuzzy) controller based MPPT for Hybrid Renewable Energy. Journal Port Science Research, 4(2), 64–76.


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